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What is Blogger Xchange?

Blogger Xchange is a meet-up series for local bloggers. The series began in Nashville in November 2017. It has now expanded to Minneapolis and Memphis. The purpose of the meet-up is to create a space for influencers to be able to connect and share to create an inclusive community in each city that is open to all creatives and bloggers.

What I do for them

Blogger Xchange has been a client of mine since 2018. I manage the brand guide and do all the social graphics for events, quotes and other promotional material. There are digital books and other documents for blogger education that I format for digital and printed use.

Instagram Content

Blogger Xchange is on several social media channels, but their bread and butter is Instagram. Majority of the content I create is formatted for Instagram, but gets posted on different channels as well.

Promotional Videos

This video promotes a class that the
co-founder offers to help new bloggers.

Story Event Carousel, this video
details info about an upcoming event with a carousel of images.

Monthly event video, this breaks down all the upcoming events.

Blogger Xchange Digital Books

The Purpose Pursuit Guide and the Brand Strategy Workbook were the first big educational documents that Blogger Xchange came out with. Promotional videos were needed to advertise this new asset to help new or struggling bloggers/influencers.

Promotional Videos for Books

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